What’s Included

With Social Spot WiFi you will receive everything you need to get started running an amazing social media marketing campaign.

1. Enabled Hardware


You will receive a high-speed router with our software already loaded. It is as simple as plugging the router in to a electrical socket and connecting it to a port on your existing internet router to get started.

2. Marketing Backoffice Access

Marketing Backoffice

Our marketing backoffice allows you to access your demographics, generate marketing campaigns, and manage your social presence. Accessible anywhere there is an internet connection, on any device!

*Laptop not included

3. Marketing Resources Access


You will also receive access to dozens of print ready marketing files such as door clings, posters, and table tents. Just add your business logo and you are ready to rock. This is everything you need to tell the world that you have Free WiFi! These can be downloaded and sent to your favorite printer. We will also regularly be adding suggested marketing sequences and collateral to help you maximize your engagement with your customers.