Turn Up the Heat on Your Facebook Marketing- Restaurants

There is no longer any question that Facebook is an important marketing tool for businesses. But just setting up a Facebook page isn’t enough- with a few simple tweaks and adjustments to your Facebook page, you can leave potential visitors drooling for your offering, and existing customers begging for more.

Optimizing your Facebook Page

It all starts with your actual Facebook Page. By making minor adjustments to your Facebook page, you can make a much bigger impact. Start at the top of your page and begin to improve from there. Your cover image is your chance at a first impression for any potential customer that may be researching you through Social Media. As a restaurant, you will probably want to include a large picture of your best looking (and best selling) plate of food. This shows the customer exactly what kind of quality they can expect from your restaurant, and may be all it takes to draw them in. If you have a special promotion upcoming, then you may want to temporarily change your cover image to reflect that, but a good solid ‘I can’t believe I’m not eating that RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE’ image is your best bet for a daily winner.

Also, it is very important that you include all of your business information on your Facebook page. It should provide them with everything they need to make the decision to visit your restaurant. Make sure your address and phone number  are correct, your hours are listed, and your website address is correct. You should add your menu as well. This can be done by listing out items, or by uploading a digital copy of your actual menu. Whichever you decide, make sure your descriptions are compelling, and that your pricing is accurate. Don’t forget to update this as items change. Some restaurants choose to only list their core offerings and not seasonal or special items so that it is more evergreen and requires less frequent updates.

What Do I Post?

Once your page is optimized for visitors, you want to make sure the content you are providing them is compelling and engaging. For a restaurant, there are really only a few post types that you need. If you have Social Spot WiFi, you can update your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn all at once directly from your marketing dashboard for additional time savings!

  1. Food Photos- This is your number one post option for a reason. They say that people “eat with their eyes first” so posting a delicious plate of your specialty just might be what it takes to bring them to your restaurant. It’s like watching the Food Network, only better, because they can have that mouth-watering meal just by visiting your restaurant. We recommend creating an album of all your menu items so that visitors can browse before they come in. This will not only give them more information that they may need to make a purchasing decision, but can also lead to a better informed customer who orders more quickly, and may reduce your table turnover time. This image from Red Lobster boasts well over 1,000 shares. What would you do for that kind of exposure?
  2. Promos/Specials- Encourage visitors to “Like” your Facebook page by offering special promotions and deals directly on your Facebook page. This is one of the main reasons many people “Like” businesses. They want your special offers and coupons and are more likely to use them if they feel like it is an exclusive offer. Post about your special events. If you are offering a black friday deal, post about it. If it is karaoke night, post about it. If you are running a contest- post about it! And don’t forget to post the winner and tag them. This is a great marketing opportunity to get in front of their family and friends, because you can be sure that is a post they will share!
  3. Community Events- People get warm fuzzies about businesses that are involved in the community. If there is a cause you care about, post a link. If you are participating in a community event, let people know you will be there. You can combine this with your special by offering them a coupon if they stop by your booth at the event. Building a sense of community with your customers lets them know that you are more than just a business. This content is also likely to be shared by event organizers who want to drum up attendance as well, and can help get your brand in front of an even larger online audience.
  4. Human Interest- Every now and then, there is nothing wrong with posting something that you personally find enjoyable, informative, or funny. Humor goes along way with relationship building. People enjoy a good laugh, and they like to read interesting factoids about your business. If you have a cause that is near and dear to you, help build awareness. Share who you REALLY are, as a person and as a business with your customers, and they will reward you for it. This is another type of highly shareable content that can really help to spread the word about your restaurant. There is a reason Wendy’s post about adoption got 12,676 shares. This is something that is important to them as individuals, and as a brand, and the consumer agrees that this is a worthwhile cause and wants to support their efforts. Find your cause, and use it to build awareness (while doing some brand promoting as well).

How Do I Know If I’m Doing It Right?

Your friends and customers will tell you! The great thing about Facebook is that is easy to tell what content your customers prefer by the numbers of likes, shares, and comments on different posts. This shows you what kind of content your customers respond to the most, and by posting more content that is similar, you can start increasing engagement with your customers. If you have a post that really resonates with your customers, you may want to consider converting it to a Facebook Ad to get even further engagement. Most importantly, keep communicating with your customers. Comment on their posts to your page. Stay engaged, and they will too.

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