Secure Your WiFi

lockAll businesses believe that their WiFi is secure, but 89% of them are wrong.

What if you could be confident that you were offering a Truly Secure WiFi connection to your customers?


Security & Privacy

vaultDon’t be fooled! Having a password to connect DOES NOT mean that your wifi is secure, and may be putting your business (and your customers) at risk.

Protect your privacy with a 256 bit data encryption that is both PCI and HIPAA compliant.

This is the same security that banks,, and The United States Military uses.

Is Security Important?


  • 77% of people that use Free WiFi have experienced cyber crime in the form of stolen personal information. (Safe Wireless Networking)
  • More than 1 million people become victims of cyber crime every day. (Extreme Networks)
  • 89% of all public WiFi networks are not secure. (Norton Cyber Crime Report)
  • HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules define compliance. Most WiFi connections are NOT HIPAA Compliant. (Summit4Med)