Is Your WiFi Impacting Your Reputation?

Door Cling Template 1We can show you statistics about how important Free WiFi is to customers, but nothing can prove it better than the customers themselves.
Here are real businesses that had their yelp rating effected by their WiFi- either the cost or performance.

OutPost Cafe
Brooklyn, NY

“Comfy cafe vibe with people sitting around with laptops (free wifi) and books and the right music to accompany it.” -Justine C.

“Look, all I care about in a cafe is that they aren’t douches to laptop users and have decent wifi, that the coffee is good, and that there are snacks.” -Carly T.

“Don’t ask the clueless counter helpers to actually help you, especially not to connect to the WiFi here.” -Michelle W.

“You get 2 hours of free wifi.” -Sophie S

“They Have limited time access wifi, which sucks, but they’re trying to get people moving, so I get it.” -Clare R.

Elara a Hilton Grand Vacations Club
Las Vegas, NV

“I feel like if your patron is spending over 3 thousand for one of your suites, you could at least comp wifi” -Jasmyn A.

“My only real complaints were that wifi was $10/night & that the staff at the Starbucks in the lobby weren’t the friendliest. The wifi cost just seems a little steep since free wifi is available almost everywhere these days. ” -Brittani W.

“No free wifi sucked the most.” -Helen H.

“No free Wifi even though we were there for a timeshare presentation.” -Garrett G.

Atlas Cafe
San Francisco, CA

“Also, they have free WiFi, although it wasn’t the greatest WiFi in the world.” -Bryan P.

“Also, major kudos for having free wifi without the hassle of special passwords and such.” -Cassy H.

“The downsides were that our water cups were dirty, the wifi did not work, and it’s kind of painful to find parking here. ” -Janet Z.

“…didn’t like the two-hour wifi time limit…” -John S.

Monte Carlo Hotel And Casino
Las Vegas, NV

“My one complaint about this place is that the wifi is very sketchy.” -Ricardo G.

“I was also shocked that you have to pay for wifi in the room!” – Amanda M.

“Wifi is only complimentary in the lobby and public areas, and guests have to pay for wifi in their rooms.” – Rosa C

“Amenities: Of what was covered by the $22 resort fee, we took advantage of the 2 bottles of water and internet, which was wired (outdated, but needed due to the shoddy wifi in the hotel).” -Kyle W.

Another Cafe
San Francisco, CA

“Good wifi and lots of space including an upstairs with many small tables perfect for one.” -MaryKate M.

“Pros:— fast reliable wifi (I am a very demanding VPN user)” -Elizabeth T.

“Free wifi, too. What can be better than that?” -Liz M.

Big Bear Cafe
Washington, DC

“Third problem: I asked for the WiFi password. The reply? “We don’t do WiFi on weekends.”” -Kendra V.

“No decaf coffee. No jam or jelly of any sort. No sweetener other than organic brown sugar. No weekend wifi” -Quanda A.

“No wifi after 6:00.” -Taryn F.

“Also they only have wifi on weekdays. I guess that’s their prerogative and hey you gotta do what you gotta do to make money which was obviously the reason for that decision. But I’ve pretty-much taken my business elsewhere to coffee shops with better food, better atmosphere, friendlier service (and free wifi always).” -Kelly B.

So does WiFi really impact the customer experience?

I think that all of these businesses would give a resounding yes, especially since their customers have literally spelled it out for them. Whether the WiFi experience was good or bad, many customers felt that it was important to note as a prominent component of their review of the establishment.

Take a good look at how your WiFi status is impacting your business. Customers tell us they want free, unlimited WiFi that is easy to access without having to get assistance. Does your WiFi offering fit into this category? What would your customers say about your business?

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