Social Spot WiFi Features & Benefits

Connect Socially With Your Customers


  • Customers connect to your WiFi through social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, or Instagram. You can pick which channels you want to offer and the order they appear in on your WiFi login page.
  • Users are asked to Like or Follow your page, and are given the option to post a message of your choosing to their wall, such as “Getting Pampered at Luxor Day Spa!”
  • Connect with your Loyal customers and continue to promote your business on their favorite social platform. Immediately enhance your social exposure.

Collect, Analyze, & Segment Customer Data


  • Access real-time data collected through your WiFi login. Data includes email, location, age, gender, social profile information, and more.
  • Graphs and charts provide a visual demonstration of different customer demographics and allows you to segment and market to specific user groups based on their demographics.



Engage Your Customers

  • Create a redirect after login to your website or social media page, or product a branded landing page that provides you with area to feature special offers or upsells, increasing engagement. Can also be utilized as an ad space for cross promotion.
  • Automatically send targeted marketing messages through email that are triggered by different paramaters such as visit, birthday, loyalty, age, gender, and more.

Secure & Protect Your Customers


  • Content filtering allows you to block inappropriate or illegal content, and manage peer-to-peer downloading, with optional child safe filtering.
  • 256 bit data encryption that is both PCI and HIPAA compliant protects the privacy of your customers and business.