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Let’s face it, collecting customer data can be hard.

However, you know that you need it. You have events, special offers, and news that your customers will care about!

You’ve tried the same old methods- attempting to collect information at the register, setting out comment/contact cards, creating loyalty programs, and more.

Still, your results are spotty and inconsistent. Most of your staff simply doesn’t feel comfortable asking for information, no one fills out the cards, and first time visitors aren’t interested in loyalty programs.

So how do I get their information?

By giving them something they want in exchange for it!

You need something that they already expect to have- Free WiFi.

How do I collect information via Free WiFi?

Most Free WiFi connections are only that- a connection to your internet that your customers can access.

This is typically done via a password protected or open connection.

However, most WiFi connections are lacking one CRUCIAL component!

While the business is offering this free service, they are getting virtually nothing in return.

We have filled in the gap.

The Solution? Social Spot WiFi!

Social Spot WiFi allows users to connect to your Secure Free WiFi via their mobile device using either their favorite social login (Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, Instagram) or through a contact form.

Connection is a short and easy process. They simply select your WiFi from the available connections on the device, navigate to any webpage, and are asked to login.

The Connection Process


What’s the value in social connections?

When you connect with your customers through their favorite social media, you have the ability to connect with them on a social level.

Your customers are primary influencers of their facebook connections-friends, family, coworkers, etc.

So by building and maintaining relationships with your customers, you are indirectly building relationships with their connections, and influencing their decisions.

Want to learn more about the value of socially connecting with your customers?

Do the Math!

We’ve socially connected. What now?

With Social Spot WiFi, when your customers login to your WiFi, they are not just connecting with you socially.

Their contact information is automatically loaded into your own online marketing backoffice.

It is then sorted based on several important demographics, such as duration of visit, number of visits, gender, age, and more.

What information can I collect?

How Do I Market to my Customers?

Marketing is not only simple with Social Spot WiFi, it is automatic!

You can build targeted e-mail or social messages directly in your online marketing backoffice.

Just set up your messages and triggers once, and schedule them to be delivered either at set dates/times, or based on triggers such as a first time visitor.

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Getting Started

Start connecting with your customers, building your database, and automating your marketing.

Getting started is a simple process.

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