Top 5 Reasons Why Your Customers Want Free WiFi

2/3 of consumers prefer using a WiFi connection over their mobile data plan when surfing the web via their phone. But why? Let’s delve into the reasons why many smartphone users prefer a secure free WiFi connection.

Marketing Backoffice1. Cost

Data plans can not only be expensive, but often have limits (even unlimited plans can have limits- sneaky!). These limits may slow down browsing, or may pose an additional cost to the customer. There are many mobile device users, specifically those with tablets and laptops, that do not even have a data plan, and are relying on the kindness of businesses to provide them with an internet connection. Cellular service providers are even beginning to offer calling over WiFi connections. This means that the demand for Free WiFi will only grow as time goes on.

2. Speed

Many times cellular signal is not ideal inside of buildings, leading to a slow browsing experience. However, with the right combination of hardware and software, you can provide your customers with a much faster browsing experience. Due to the high volume of YouTube and other online streaming websites, consumers are hungry for a fast connection that will allow them to spend their online time the way they want. By not just providing WiFi, but by offering a fast, dependable signal, you will instantly increase your customer experience. This can lead to a higher return visit rate, and better online reviews.

3. Ease of Use

WiFi has become so widespread that using a WiFi connection has become second nature to most Americans. In fact, many of them feel that connecting to a Free WiFi network is easier than trying to track down and connect to their own cellular network. Most phones are equipped with notifications that inform them when they enter an open WiFi network. This makes identifying and connecting to WiFi networks extremely easy and quick.

4. Security

Although the majority of WiFi networks are not secure (ours is!), the customer perception of higher security is still there. One of the reasons for this is that they feel like they have more privacy on a WiFi network than they do when browsing through their cellular provider. Many people are concerned that their browsing history or online activity will be shared with government agencies or law enforcement. Even though most people are not doing anything illegal on their smartphones, the idea that they are being monitored is a big negative for them.

5. Performance

Most consumers find that the overall performance and stability of WiFi is much better than that of Cellular networks. Their connection is better, more stable, and provides them with a better online experience. Popular activities such as streaming, video chatting, and game play can be difficult when utilizing a cellular connection, but with WiFi it is a much better experience.

We know that these are things that are important to customers. These are the same items many customers consider when making a purchasing decision of any type, and the same parameters drive their decision making when it comes internet connectivity.

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