Retail WiFi

Social Spot WiFi For Retail

In the retail world, many of you already understand the value of offering Free WiFi. Your customers can look for product reviews, thus making the buying decision more quickly (and less likely to happen online once they leave the store). But what if there was an even greater benefit? With Social Spot WiFi, there is! Utilizing our innovative technology, you are able to capture contact details and demographics of visitors who connect to your WiFi. We store it for you in a password-protected, secure online database.


How it Works


What Social Spot WiFi does for Retail

  • Geofencing- Deliver targeted marketing messages based on location in store.
  • Collect Customer Demographics such as real name, verified email, age, gender, and more!
  • Manage Individual Stores, Districts, or other groups all from the same dashboard. Give different users specific access to the locations they manage.
  • Send mobile-optimized targeted email messages directly from your dashboard.
  • Communicate with your customers through social media using our built-in auto poster. Post to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn at one time, or schedule messages to be sent in the future.


Why Social Spot WiFi Works

Collecting customer emails and contact information is one of the most challenging obstacles retail companies face. You have customers, and you want them to come back. So how do you reach them? With Social Spot WiFi, your customers willingly give you their contact info, all on their own! No more begging, pleading, or bribing your employees. You can also market directly to chosen demographics, because now you will not only know the name and email of your customers, but also their age and gender. And, of course, with the social connection you are able to get more likes, and thus reach more customers with your social posts.


What You Get


Our secure hardware comes preloaded with the software necessary to run your Social Spot WiFi system. It is HIPPA and PCI compliant, and will never impact your back office or POS systems. We integrate easily with most existing systems. You simply plug our router into your existing hardware, plug it in to the wall, and you are ready to go!


The customer information that you collect is stored on our secure, online dashboard that you can access from anywhere with an internet connection. In addition to your demographic information, you also get aggregate data which will show you what percentage of your customers are female or male, what their ages are, what days you have the highest volume, and more. This is provided in easy to read and understand chart format.


To help you get started, we provide print-ready marketing files for you to use. This includes door clings, posters, and even cards that explain the login process. We even include digital files that are ready for insertion in your email ads, all correctly sized and of common compelling offers. We can customize files for your business, just let us know what you need.


Why Social Spot WiFi

Our staff is comprised of Retail and Restaurant business owners and managers, turned marketers. We understand the challenges facing a business like yours, and have dedicated our time to finding the solutions. We know what you need, and what it takes to take your business to the next level. Let us help get you there.