Social Spot WiFi Installation

Before beginning installation, it is necessary that you have an existing internet connection. If you do not have an existing internet connection, or your connection is not currently working, contact your preferred ISP for assistance. We can make recommendations for ISP’s for your local area if needed. For any assistance with installation, or if you would prefer to schedule a third-party install, please contact us at (800) 243-2077.

1. Identify Social Spot Placement

Start by finding a good location for your router to be installed. This should be an area that is near a plug, and has no interference, or anything blocking the transmission of signal.

2. Connect Social Spot to Existing Router

Connect the Social Spot Wifi Appliance to the Ethernet port on your existing router/firewall/switch. You can use the included Ethernet Cable, or if a longer cable is needed for ideal placement, then it should be acquired and installed at this time.

3. Plug In Social Spot WiFi Appliance

Connect the power adapter to the power socket of the Social Spot Wifi Appliance, and the other end into an electrical outlet. The Appliance will start to work automatically. If it does not automatically launch, try turning on the power.


Installation Environment Requirements

  • Router should be in a well-ventilated place far from heater vents
  • Avoid direct exposure to sunlight
  • Keep at least 2” of space clear around the Router
  • Operating temperature should be between 32-104F