How It Works

Social Spot WiFi is an innovative technology that allows you to collect customer data in a mutually beneficial, non-intrusive manner. We make it easy for you to not only get connected, but stay connected with your customers. 


Here’s How


connect Customers log in to your Free WiFi using their social login or contact info.


collect User information is compiled directly into a cloud-powered marketing engine we provide you.


engage Send marketing messages, social or e-mail, directly from the engine. Analyze and track results!


Here’s How It Works:

    1. Customers access your Fast, Free WiFi.

      This can be done using their social details or via contact form. You can select which options they have to choose from- Facebook, Google +, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn.  They then agree to your terms & conditions, Like or Follow you (if they choose), and are redirected to the page of your choice. They are then free to browse the internet as they choose, confident that their information is secure, and that yours is as well. Learn more about the connection process.


    1. Collect vital demographic and behavior information about your customers.

      All of the contact information you collect is compiled directly into your marketing engine. With your online marketing engine, you are able to easily store, sort, and market to contacts based on an array of demographic information.  This is accessible by you, anytime, anywhere. This is can even assist with scheduling and event planning. Learn more about the information you collect.


  1. Automatically send the Right Message to the Right Customer at the Right Time.

    Send targeted e-mails to specific demographics- frequent visitors, lapsed visitors, females, and more! All of your e-mails can be set up ahead of time and will automatically send based on defined triggers. You can easily manage the entire process, including verifying campaigns, adding new event reminders, and managing your contacts. Learn more about how to engage your customers.