Engage Your Customers


Use Triggers to Automatically Send Targeted Messages!

You have connected with your customers, collected their data, analyzed your key customers, and now you are ready to start your marketing.

There are 2 types of marketing you can do with Social Spot WiFi- Social and Email.

First, tell me about Social Marketing.

When your customer logs on to your Free Social Spot WiFi, they are asked to connect using their favorite social media login.

Next, they have the option to post a message to their Facebook regarding your business. You will collect their details regardless of their choice.

They are then asked to “Like” your business.

This serves as your initial connection to your customer.

Once that social connection has been made, your customer will then see your posts and status updates.

You can preset status updates to automatically post to your social media accounts directly from your online marketing backoffice.

These can be events, coupons, special offers, and more, all delivered directly to your friends Facebook walls, Twitter Feeds, and LinkedIn accounts automatically!

You can even schedule the posts ahead of time for the days that you want them to be posted.

Social Spot WiFi makes it easy to complete an entire month’s worth of marketing in under an hour, from anywhere with an internet connection!

What about Email Marketing?


Email marketing is just as simple as social marketing and includes a lot of the same concepts- scheduling, targeting, and online setup.

The easy-to-use online email editor, located within your marketing backoffice, makes sure that your communications are consistently branded, mobile ready, and delivered to who you want, when you want.

Easily target your marketing to new customers, repeat customers, or even send special birthday treats!

From there, you can even drill down even further and create specific messages based on number of visits, gender, and age of recipients.

Again, all of these messages can be created ahead of time, and triggered by events such as their birthday, return visit, or first visit.

It just couldn’t be easier!

Getting Started

To get Social Spot WiFi working for you in your business, please fill out the form above or contact us at (800)243-2077. We would love to assist you.