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We are dedicated to offering the widest selection of the best egg incubators at the lowest prices. Regardless of the type of eggs you are incubating, we have something here that is the perfect solution for your unique incubation needs. Every type of bird has individual specifications for breeding, and that is the most important consideration to make while selecting your incubator- what type of eggs will you be hatching?

Incubator Selection

There are two main types of animals that need incubation to hatch- birds and reptiles. Although there are five mammals that require incubation (the platypus and the echidna to name a couple) those are much less common, and thus not given their own section. However, if you need assistance selecting a mammal incubator, we can gladly help.

Reptile Incubators

Reptile egg incubation generally requires higher humidity and lower temps than bird incubation. There is also no egg turning required. Some incubators created for bird eggs will also work, but many do not reach low enough temps to incubate the majority of reptile eggs. It is always best to select an incubator that can handle those lower temperatures, like the ReptiPro 6000, which has a temperature range from 40 degrees F to 140 degrees F. 

If you need any assistance with selecting the right incubator for your breeding needs, feel free to contact us at (800)259-9755 for help or view our entire selection online at!